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Infertility means inability to conceive after one year of sexual life without using contraception.

    In the male dominated society of india , for infertility the female partner is generally blamed and she becomes the victim of social gossip for her barrenness. This gradually brings unhappiness,depression,psychosomatic illness and eventually brings marital disharmony which may end in divorce .

    Usually couples comes to us in the state of shattered dreams,broken hearts and closed minds. We as a specialist should sense their agony and apprehension.  Besides being a  specialist doctor,we have to act as a friend,philosopher,guide and mentor to them .

 We must give them a dream. Let them start dreaming again. Remember today’s dream will be tomorrow’s reality. We have to open  up their mind. Mind is like parachute ,it wont function or work till we open it.

   We listen to them,talk to them and at the end work to transform their fear and agony into knowledge and acceptance and  friends this needs more than 5 minutes. In a busy OB/GY practice it is not possible. So it requires (demands) separate dedicated infertility unit for treating such patients.

    When we say counseling, mainly it has 3 aspects-

  • Information
  • Motivation
  • Action

Inform them about reasons of infertility and possible treatment options, motivate them to undergo this process and when they are mentally ready put them on the right tract.

  When we start treatment there are only 2 outcomes –success/failure. Now the last and most important part of counseling is to prepare them to accept unwanted result or failure. It is our responsibility to make them aware that it is a part of the game. They must understand this fact.

    The challenge of the life is to accept the fact that sometimes life is not fare. Hence, when we accept this fact, a certain understanding is generated within, which enables us to accept whatever life gives us and one fine day we will find, this acceptance leads to creativity.

   Simply accepting the fact without creativity is resignation . Most of the  patients often ask about possibility of success with them or they want guarantee of having baby with specified treatment. Patient does not invest just their time and money but also,lots of hopes and emotions too. Here the role of doctor is like a person walking on a tight rope with a bamboo to balance- you have to tell the truth, encourage them by giving hope while preparing them to accept failure too without being shattered. Duty of human being is to do his work and wait for result. Nature has kept rights of life and death with itself. We can only create a statue or paint a portrait but whether it can be blessed with life only nature can decide. We have put not 100% but 101% efforts and now even we are waiting for result along with you and praying for success. We wish and pray that every couple coming to us should  blessed with child and we are continuously trying and improvising our techniques to get best results.

  We know, that if you are on the right tract,then you are bound to get results ,if not today then tomorrow,if not, then in near future, provided we are on the right tract…..