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Sexual problems are not only limited to males but it has spread its tentacles in females too. Scarcity of qualified specialists and sex being taboo subject and associated myths becomes major hurdle in the treatment. Mostly men go to neem-hakeems/quacks for treatment and damage their health. Females have no other option but to suffer silently. Sex is integral part of our life . According to Freud sex instinct is inherent and inborn to all creatures.Sex instinct actually begins with union of sperm and ovum,which signifies male and female.Thus sexuality begins with conception and it is necessary for continuity of life. Mostly people look down at it in derogatory way, still our country tops in producing children. Our outlook towards sex is filled with hypocrisy and misconcepts that has made sexual problem a major mental disorder. Who is responsible? ----our society, our (mis)belief or lack of proper management.
Mostly people ask when to have sex or how much sex is good or permissible  for healthy life? Here I ask you
When one should eat?-----ideally-on feeling real hunger.
When one should drink water?------on feeling thirsty.
When one should pass stool or urine? -----on feeling the urge.
When one should rest or sleep? ------on feeling tired.

All above mentioned acts are bodily needs and body gets signals from the mind.then you perform the act. These actions are not performed as habit. Unfortunately sex has become a customary habit. Now people have developed a habit of having sex regularly before sleeping  and they indulge in sex without proper mood.........Why??just because their friends/neighbors are doing it and he has to prove his  masculanity too. There is a comparison and he should not be left behind in following the tradition, So he has to have sex daily even if his wife is not willing or even if he feels tired. Without understanding sex fully they indulge in activity and gets discharged quickly, long before his partner even get properly charged. The feeling of high and dry of the partner compels to have sex again and again but still the outcome remains the same. This makes body more tired and (woman’s) mind more frustrated. They roll over to sleep ,man tired and exhausted and woman frustrated and dissatisfied. And now such men are very much worried about their sexual performance as they fail to make a woman feel' full'.

On the other end there are few people who have sex rarely perhaps due to sexual weakness or monotony in the sexual act. They practice brahmcharya in their married life. Mostly people try to hide their sexual weakness and they get themselves drown in work so they don’t have time for such fickle things. Actually they develop sexual phobia and they are not ready to acknowledge it.  Remember excess or rare sex, both are extreme ends of  the sexual activity.

The fear of sexual inadequacy make them think that their partner will cheat on him or dump him for other men to become satisfied. This cause disharmony and tension which gives them sexual phobia and performance anxiety for further sexual act.

Sex is a bodily need like  food, water,clothing and shelter. Animals have sex only in their mating season for procreation. Even they are not habitual for having sex daily. Human race is blessed to use it for procreation and also to reach ultimate divinity, but we are wasting it in recreation only by indulging in bodily sex mindlessly. Sex is an instrument; it is up to you how you use it. For example pencil is a tool with which one can be used for scratching your ear or for writing or drawing a beautiful picture. It is up to you, how you use it.
 Actually the outcome of sexual act should be complete peace and serenity,babies are just byproduct of this act. It starts with meeting of two bodies and ultimately two energies get melt into one and  that particular moment they feel  the divine pleasure and ultimate peace. But these days sex has become limited to body level. It is used mechanically for sensual pleasure or procreation. The basic essence has eloped, so is the peace. This causes disharmony and diseases.
How many people in world actually know about ORGASM? Sex is all in the mind. Sex does not lie between the legs, but it is in between two ears. First thought comes to the mind and then body reacts accordingly. If you are depressed or under stress, even a beautiful lady in lingerie would fail to excite you sexually. When penis and vagina unites,there is great satisfaction in both partners due to partial unity.This partial unity overwhelms them with desire to attain perfect unity and they attempt to move their bodies even closer togather untill their nervous system overloads and orgasm occurs.During the moment of orgasm,the two forgets entirely their earthly existence and by melting into one at that perticular moment they reach the state of bodylessness,timelessness and thoughtlessness.This glimpses of ultimate peace and divinity  should be the end result of sexual act.
Like music,painting,sex is an art,and you must be artistic if you hope to become good at sex and reach the divine stage of orgasm.Our society is regressing into barberism;it is sad. Today,people will not settle for anything less than genital sex,usually rough and violent sex,and even that fails to satisfy them.
Role of gonads eg testis/ovaries are not only production of sperm/ova for procreation but they also produce hormones which are essential for our body to remain agile and healthy. With passing time we have come out with most advanced form of IVF/ICSI techniques to retain fertility but nobody is giving a thought on why sperm/ovum production has gone so low or become zero in otherwise young healthy looking man/woman?

The hormones produced by gonads (testis/ovary) are necessary to keep our bones strong, our muscles supple and our organs functioning properly. All these actions are necessary to keep us young and healthy. These gonads protect us from osteoporosis, heart attack and aging till they function normally. Like if we maintain our vehicle by regular servicing, it will give better mileage and it can be utilized for longer time without hassle.

If we don’t do it then it will break down sooner or later and give trouble. Like that excessive sex/masturbation, poor understanding of the sex, poor nutrition, unhealthy eating habits, life style and stress with zero maintainance of the body leads to reduction of our mileage and sexual performance. As a result of this people suffer from decrease sexual desire, poor erection, premature ejaculation,night emmision and sexual weakness etc. So if we take care of our body then along with sexual vigor we can maintain our youthful looks and remain masculine/feminine for a long time.