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  Case of decreased desire and potency

Mr. Sinha *40 yrs was in senior position in office. He had lots of work related problems to handle and now he was made in charge of new project too. It was taking his lots of time and energy. By evening he felt totally drained off. He didn’t feel like having sex even after fortnight or so. These caused arguments in between husband and wife. It disturbed him more and whenever he tried sex, he faced erection problem. Erection was very infrequent and did not last longer than couple of minutes. The harder he tried, weaker it become. The superman who could do anything in office was no longer even a normal man in bed. This had eroded his confidence badly. He tried to save face by avoiding sex on pretext of being super busy. This had affected his work and he became pessimist. At the peak of his carrier he was facing vacuum at personal front. When treated with integrated approach, he got his vigor back both in home and office.

*name changed to hide identity of patient.