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  Semen formation

Sperm formation is a complex process which takes almost 74 days for spermatids to form from spermatogonia in seminiferous tubule then they are stored in epidedymis for 2-3 wks for maturation. Daily sperm production is about 200-300 millions. The sperms stored in male genital tract can remain viable but in inactive stage for up to 4-6 wks while they die in 48 hrs after ejaculation in to female genital tract. However if stored below -100 C, it can survive many months to years.

Allopathic view

Semen is combination of sperms and fluids from the seminal vesicles, prostate and bulbo-urethral glands. Though sperms constitute only 5% of semen volume, it is most important ingredient. Daily sperm production is about 200-300 millions. spermatogenesis is complex process whereby primitive stem cells or spermatogonia either divide to renew and replenish the stem cells or produce daughter cells that later become spermatozoa.

Ayurvedic view

According to ayurveda seven dhatu’s are formed from what we eat and then these dhatu’s help in body formation.

On very first level after digestion of food---rasa dhatu is formed.From Rasa dhatu-------rakta dhatu(blood)--------then maans(muscles)------med dhatu(fat)------asthi dhatu(bones)------then majja dhatu(marrow/nerves)-----and lastly shukra dhatu(semen) is formed.  Good quality Virya (semen) is formed when all the dhatu’s have already formed in pure form and overflowing. Lastly ojus is formed which flows from sira (blood vessels) to all over body. This is nothing but the life force which is formed after formation of last of the seven dhatu’s. So semen formation has very vital role in one’s life. It is not just for procreation but for vitality too. Bad semen indicates the whole chain is disturbed so the whole body is affected not just fertile capacity as is otherwise thought.