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  Female Cycle

The cycle is same in both men and women although at different rates and obviously with different physical changes.
The cycle has 4 steps.

1.    Desire (excitement phase)

Desire is a sexual change that increases interest in and responsiveness to sexual activity. You feel “in the mood”. your heartbeat and breathing quickens and skin flushes.

2.    Arousal (plateau phase)

Sexual stimulation like touch,vision,hearing,taste,smell or imagination brings about further physical changes-fluids are secreted within the vagina moistening the vagina,labia and vulva. It provides lubrication for intercourse. The vagina expands and clitoris enlarges and nipple become erect.

3.    Orgasm (climax)

At the peak of arousal, the muscles surrounding the vagina contracts rhythmically causing a pleasurable sensation.

4.    Resolution
The vagina,clitoris and surrounding area return to their unarousal state. You feel content, relaxed and sleepy.
 Every woman progresses through the cycle at her own rate which is normal for her. A sexual problem may occur if any of these stage does not occur.