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Male reproductive system comprises of


  • Epidedymis, vas and seminal vesicles
  • Prostate and prostatic urethra
  • Scrotum
  • Shaft of the penis and rest of the urethra
  • Glans penis


Primary male sex gland

Size of normal adult testis is 4.5*2.5cm

Weight is 30-45 gram

Volume -20cc

Testis is composed of about 900 coiled seminiferous tubules where sperms are formed. They head to epidedymis.

Epidedymis is 4-5 cm long tubule. Vas deferens is 30-35 cm long muscular duct.

Prostate –secondary male sexual gland

Seminal vesicle- a pair of gland situated above prostate on each side of prostatic         urethra.

Penis –dimension are highly correlated with anthropometric parameters such as height and weight. Roughly flaccid length-9cm and stretched length 12.5 cm.