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Case of excessive masturbation,night fall and passing semen in urine

Chandan* came from good family. He was studying in class 10th when he first experienced sexual excitement seeing intimate scenes. He started masturbation to release himself. He had gone through loads and loads of porn magazines and material on net in 3-4 years. Slowly due to same monotony his excitement started settling down and his erection could not last more than few seconds and that too has become a rare occasion. He discussed it with his friends who laughed him off as impotent. This gave him severe jolt and his confidence shattered. In desperate search for treatment he landed up in some shady clinic which guaranteed 100% result with costly original? Herbs. Even after months of costly treatment he did not feel better. It made him mentally disturbed as he thought himself suffering from incurable disease. He became so depressed that his interest in life was lost and he had suicidal thoughts. When he was brought to me he had lost all hopes. With our integrated approach he has not only fully cured of from his problem but his confidence is back to face the life.

 * name changed to hide the identity of patient.