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  Case of partial impotency

Rajesh* was healthy person enjoying life with working wife and a kid. He had high sexual desire but somehow his educated wife not so keen but participated in sexual act as customary duty. Initial years passed on without much botheration but slowly this non challant behavior of wife made him repulsive towards her during sex and slowly he felt no erection for her while the very thought of other woman  could make him rock hard in no time. This partial impotency made him wild with anger which drove him to the brink of homicidal tendency. At the work place his bouts of rage not only enraged his seniors but brought him lots of troubles from his juniors too. When he came to me he was severely stressed and undergoing marital discord. He had undergone treatment for anger and behavior changes with a psychiatrist, but it left him dozed off leaving no lasting effect on his behavior. He was treated with integrated approach along with his wife’s counseling which made him regain his potency and so his confidence. Now they are enjoying marital bliss and the dare devil boss has become dear to all.

*name changed to hide identity of patient.