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  Sexual problems

The types of sexual problems in women corresponds to the stages of sexual response cycle. Inability to achieve any of the stages can interfere with sexual satisfaction and thus it creates problem. It can be distressing for her partner too, and can lead to problems in the relationship.

Lack of sexual desire
Lack of interest in sex or desire for sex is a common problem in both men and women. Lack of desire stops the sexual response cycle before it starts. It can be temporary or ongoing problem in others.
Excessive sexual desire
This is relatively uncommon problem. Commonly termed as nymphomania. In this condition even after achieving orgasm woman is not satisfied and carve for sex repeatedly in short span of time. In other term appetite for sex is insatiable which could drain off her partner. This is more of a psychological problem than physical.

No arousal or absence of orgasm
Inability to become sexually aroused is sometimes related to lack of desire. In some cases woman feel sexual desire but cannot become aroused. Orgasm may be delayed or not occur at all (an orgasmic). This can be very distressing for a woman. It can create a vicious cycle in which the woman loses interest in sex because she does not have orgasm.

Pain during intercourse (dysparunea)
This is mostly of physical origin and can cause woman lose interest in sex. Correction of underlying pathology can cure of women this distressing problem. In this condition desire and arousal is present but actual act brings pain which makes her withdraw from sexual act.

In this condition involuntary contraction of pelvic floor muscles cause vagina to go in spasm making penetration very difficult or impossible. This is more of psychological origin than physical disease.