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Mr Y is healthy middle aged man.In a glance he seems to be happy contended family man but under the cover of happiness he is very disturbed person and under immense pressure.Initially  in early years of married life he enjoyed active sexual life.But since last few years he is having less desire,softer erection and ejaculation coming quickly.He is not able to sexually satisfy his wife.Initialy wife co-operated but since last few months she has become vocal and accuses him of leaving her high and dry.He is getting advice to see doctors/hakeems from the people who otherwise seek his guidance.This has eroded his self confidence and suddenly he feel aged and worn out at peak of his life.He was taking antidepressents but nothing could cure him of his basic problem ---not able to satisfy his wife sexually.

When he came to us ,he was treated with integrated approach.Now he is happy man enjoying his family and social life.