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It seems a bit awkward---finance and health, what money/finance has to do with the health?

Friends …..Money has got its utility and it plays very important role in our day to day life. If the balance of income and expenditure is disturbed, then becomes the reason for worry and cause anxiety.
Money is needed by everyone to fulfill basic needs of day to day life and it is his duty to earn enough which can meet his daily requirements. Money is a means (साधन) by which people can fulfill their needs, but when earning money becomes a goal (साध्य) then it create problems. Any one and almost every one can earn enough money to take care of their basic/essential needs.

We have enough natural resources, intelligence and energy to fulfill our essential needs.

Actually role of money in our life is like that of salt in our food. If it is less, still you can eat though not very tasty but if it is in excess then it spoils the taste as well as health.

One should earn enough to keep some amount in savings on regular basis. Judicious investment of the savings is very essential which can beat the inflation and give cushion in hard times. Man has enough intelligence to earn good money but problem arises when it comes to investment. Let’s talk about the share market where usually people buy shares on the recommendation of their brokers or financial consultants. When we go to market to buy bread, we see whether it is fresh or not and pay the price mentioned on the pack.  If shopkeeper is trying to sell the bread for more than the MRP, we question him why it is so costly? If he is selling the bread with less price than MRP, again we question him and we have doubt about the quality of the bread. But this common sense is not applied when it comes to invest in share market and people invest thousands and lakhs of rupees on some third person’s recommendation without analyzing its actual worth. When they lose money in the turmoil of share market, they put blame to their luck, market practices, brokers, and company and government policies.

A financially literate person understands that 2+2 makes 4 but somehow people get lured in the promise of making 22 out of 2 and 2 and thus ends up losing their 2 also in such fake promises. There are so many professionals who are expert in their fields like doctors, lawyers, engineers etc, but when it comes to the knowledge of GDP, CRR, reverse repo rate etc, they show blank faces. There are really very few people among such highly qualified professionals who can read balance sheets or profit and loss account. Now days there are many investment options available in the market in which one can invest according to his needs and savings. With right investment, your money will itself earn money for you. It requires little effort from your side to acquire knowledge and be self sufficient.

As far as wealth is concerned, many people think that wealth is the root cause of all the evils in this world.
Such people ask-“can you buy peace…..love ….. Or…… God from money?”
Superficially all seems so logical and intelligent questions, but my dear friends-let me tell you…. money has never promised you for such things. Money can buy or arrange physical comforts like food, home, car, servants etc not the mental peace, happiness, love or God. It is your foolishness or your innocence, if you expect these things from money. Money has its own utility and limitations, so you need to understand it. So for your disappointment your undue expectations from the money are responsible and that is your problem, no point in blaming money for that.

Wise people have mentioned some facts about the wealth (धन की गति)
-Bhog (indulgence)
-Daan (donation)
-Naash (destruction)
Actually there is 4th type too-that is just accumulation of wealth. It gives mental security and satisfies one’s ego of having so much wealth. By simple accumulation, they are neither using it for indulgence, nor giving it for charity and they don’t allow it to get destroyed……..केवल संग्रह......उस धन पर साँप जैसे कुंडली मार कर बैठ जाते हैं।

It is said that human life is achieved after 84 millions of birth, so if we are blessed with human life, intelligence and wealth, then after fulfilling our and our family’s need why not extend helping hand to those people who are less privileged and make our as well as their life beautiful.

जलाओ महलो की इतनी बुलंदियों पे चिराग ,
कि किसी गरीब के घर में भी रोशनी पँहुचे।