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Mental health means peaceful stress free mind. Body and mind are 2 sides of a coin so if the body is suffering from any disease, disability or pain, then it definitely affect the mind. Body suffers from the disease but the mind gets restless by thinking about reasons, effects, its severity, its future impact and all this process creates stress.

Everyone must have heard this famous saying
“Healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”

But these days our mind is under immense stress and this affect our body. More than 80 % of diseases are of psycho-somatic origin means the physical diseases arising due to disturbances of mind.

Stress has spread its tentacles widely and right from 8 years old child to 80 years old, everyone is suffering from it. People try to avoid it by keeping themselves busy in either work, socializing with people live or on internet, going to parties or clubs, doing puja-path,bhajan-kirtan or ritual practices according to their age and interests. This definitely helps them forget their problems for a while but sooner or later they have to face harsh realities of life which causes physical and mental problems later on. When stress or depression becomes too difficult to handle, people seek medical/professional advice and get themselves labeled as mentally sick which makes them more miserable.

In our modern world, the mental health has declined very much in otherwise healthy civilized people and this is the reason of more need of psychiatrist in richer developed societies. Have you seen boards of psychiatrist in smaller towns or villages? Even if we don’t talk about USA, UK like so called rich and developed countries, have a look at any metro cities of India-there also the psychiatrists are busy practitioners. The advancement of science has brought us many labor saving, time saving, effort saving machines which has given us physical comfort yet our mental peace is lost. In today’s world, people are enjoying much better life than their forefathers.

But………The tragedy of today’s man is …..Decreasing happiness amidst increasing comforts.
It seems so paradoxical but even nature is giving explanation for it-
जितना ऊंचा पहाड़ है वही उतनी ही गहरी खाई भी है।

Everybody aspires life without stress, but friends do you think it is possible…..?The fact is only at the time of death stress level goes down to zero. Let me tell you one thing…..stress is not always bad. If you have minimum stress level, then there won’t be any seriousness while working. If it is in excess, then you get performance anxiety, people get anxious and tense, which affects their performance. What does it means? That means the stress should neither be minimum nor be maximum. It has to be optimum. With the optimum amount of stress, we can extract best out of life. So now we must learn how to balance our stress levels.