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In last 50 years medical science has been advanced remarkably. Newer drug molequles, latest techniques for surgeries, better machines for diagnostic tests, ultra modern hi-tech machines equipped hospital and ICU’s are available, still diseases are at large. Health check-ups have become latest fad these days as preventive aspect of health care. Various hospitals and diagnostic centers are doing/promoting different investigations ranging from 500 rs to 5000 rs under different packages of health check up. But let me warn you about their futility as most of the tests indicate changes ones the disease process has already begin, not before that. Like a pressure cooker kept on the gas stove. It will whistle only after water gets boiled. Water started heating up the moment it was kept on gas, only you came to know about it later on after listening its whistle. Similarly disease process has started in the body long ago, the tests show the change when disease has already progressed to certain stage not before that. These days various sensitive(very costly) tests shows/detects disease in primitive stages like detecting precancerous lesions still the word cancer is attached to it ,again it is indicating same thing -disease process has already began long ago.

Medical advancements and developments have definitely increased life span of the people but they have to bear the burden of various chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, asthama, heart disease, neurological disorders etc. People are generally happy if such diseases are under control by using medication but they forget very basic fact that their body is still diseased. The disease is not cured; they usually confuse disease control with cure and lives in fool’s paradise of enjoying health by popping pills ritually. It is like some trash gets accumulated in any corner of house and starts stinking, it attracts flies and insects and to keep them at bay, you spray insecticide. This spray will definitely show some effect and keep them away for a while but as its effect will vanish more insects will flock again. Now you will either need more dose of spray or other spray with higher potency to show effect. The diseases and medicines have more or less same relation.
“Disease control does not mean the cure of disease.”

If you want to avoid the nuisance of insects, you need to clear of the trash which is attracting them. If trash is not cleared it will get decomposed and stink which will make life horrible by its stench and hoards of various insects and rodents. Similarly, if the reasons causing diseases are not taken care of, the disease will get worsen day by day and may cause other diseases too despite taking medicine.
Someone has said it very beautifully-
मर्ज बढ़ता गया,ज्यूं-ज्यूं दवा की।
People should not fall sick; nobody is ready to think in this direction. People get their vehicle serviced regularly for better mileage and performance but they take their body for granted and go to the doctor only after falling sick means when the body breaks down. We are more concerned about our vehicles than our body. But we must understand that vehicles can be changed any number of times if they get damaged but our body is God’s gift which you get once for a life time.
Think over it…..