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Social health means-healthy society.

Society is made up of people. People and their inter personal relationships and interactions plays a vital role in the society. If society is degraded, corrupt or having disharmony in its functioning, then it is bound to affect the people.

Now very important question arises-what is the need and purpose of the society?

Human being is a social animal and with births multiple relations of family, religion, village, district, state or country gets tagged with him. These relations provide you security and save you from boredom. Actually in this society, relations are made on basis of the utility.

  For smooth functioning of the society, some rules, regulations and norms were stipulated from time to time. These norms, rules and regulations were made for people but with passage of time rules become more important than the people. Now the society has turned into the mob of head less people, who have lost their intelligence and logic. This mob follows the rules ritually and does not allow anyone to break the rules. If anyone tries to follow different path or break the rule, they (society people) immediately punish the person who defies the norms of society so other people should learn the lesson and follow their rules.  At times they don’t even hesitate to murder the person to create panic and fear in others.

The problem arises when the people and the rules and regulation of society don’t change with fast changing world. This stubbornness or callous attitude of people/moral inspectors cause tussle/creates tiff between the people.

  This is the age of competition and everyone is busy to prove themselves better than others. This applies to everything whether it is any person or religion, state or country, everyone is busy in trying to prove themselves better than the other.

A person builds a house for himself and his family. He decorates it lovingly. For him, it is the best house in the world. He feels happy and proud too. But if he wants everyone to acknowledge it or accept that his house is the best in the world, this creates problems and nuisance for him as well as others.

The increasing competition and materialism have been the root cause of violence, crimes, corruption and so many other misdeeds. Society is suffering from them more than any other disaster. Basic trust between people is lost and now people live amidst fear, jealousy and hatred. Politicians and religious leaders take advantage of such situation as they believe in the principle of divide and rule. These people survive /thrive on the misery and suffering of the common man. The major problem in front of our country is… poverty. Each and every Politician talks about extinction of poverty but actually in reality what happens that everyone knows.

एक कहावत है जो सबने सुनी है-
अंधा बांटे रेवड़ी,फिर-फिर अपने को दे।

Now a day’s poverty has become an asset and it becomes major issue on which all the politics revolve. Main reason of poverty is population but nothing concrete is happening to control it. One poor man procreates 4-5 kids and thus adds in the kitty of poor people. These poor people and poverty is needed for politicians to survive and flourish. They know very well, their survival depends on poverty and poor people, who are their voters, so if the root cause is solved, and then they won’t be needed any more.

Now if we don’t take any concrete steps regarding this matter then we will hand over nothing but the chaos, destruction and slavery to next generation. Slowly and slowly middle class will disappear, only two classes will remain-haves and have not’s. Then the issue of terrorism, corruption, inflation, sex discrimination, religion, cast and creed etc will become very insignificant and they will be sidelined. The major issue will be of survival-पेट का सवाल between these handful of empowering wealthy people and many many countless poor and hungry people.
Friends, look around…..it’s time to act before it is too late.

When we look into the Indian history of more than 2000 years, it is history of slavery. No revolution has yet succeeded in changing the destiny of our country. Man goes on thinking in terms of revolution of changing the government…of changing the society…..of changing the beaurocracy….political systems…laws etc. But unfortunately all these revolutions have failed and will fail because the man (individual human) ….the very basic unit of our society or country remained the same.

 Everyone thinks he is right and other person needs to change. Ironically till today everyone has same thinking. Let’s set an example by changing ourselves first then see what happens.
The hands which make the room dirty, the same hands can clean the room also. We must understand this fact very clearly. Friend, we need to change our mindset and outlook towards life.

नजरें बदल गयीं,तो नजारे बदल गए,
कश्ती ने अपना रुख बदला, तो किनारे बदल गए।