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“Are you really interested in spirituality?”
Let me clear one thing to begin with……that…..Spirituality has nothing to do with the demands arising from the desires. It is immaterial whether demands are of the inner world (peace or moksha) or outer world (materialistic).
Spirituality deals with exploration or search of our divine roots.
I want everybody to read above sentences one more time……that’s good.

People go to the holy places or guru for many reasons to fulfill their desires. Basically they go because they are miserable due to many reasons. Most of them have worldly miseries and are satisfied with worldly happiness. Most of the people are just not interested in experiencing anything other than food, sleep and sex,no matter what they may claim and the others who are after more in life are mainly after the happiness which the world can provide them like fame,power,money,possessions,family,children…..whatever. Very very few are really interested in spirituality.

Now it’s high time, we must understand the difference between needs and desires. Needs can be fulfilled but the desires cannot. Needs are natural and they exist  now (in the present) as they are created by body. Desires are projected from mind and they are planned for the future. For ex –if you are feeling thirsty or hungry, so water and food is your need created by your body and it has to be fulfilled now. You cannot postpone it for the future. But if you wish to be a rich man, become a celebrity ,hold the post of minister or prime minister or president, then all these things are  your ambitions(महत्वाकांछा-महत्व की आकांच्छा) ….desires…..which are your mind’s projections for the future. So these desires cannot be fulfilled now as they are planned for future. It’s like horizon where earth and sky seems to meet from long distance but as one move ahead it also moves ahead and one can never reach the point even if he travels all his life. Actually, the sky and earth never meets at any point, it just seems so at the horizon. Horizon is just an illusion. Similarly the distance between you and your desires also remains like horizon. Desires are circular, they can never be fulfilled. Once you have achieved what you had wished for, your desires get multiplied by 10 times further and the euphoria of achievement  is lost in the whirl of new desires.

The great holy book Gita is read by millions all over the world, where the message of निष्काम कर्म योग is given very clearly. Still people keep the goal/result in front before taking up any task. This is the reason of their miseries and stress.

हमारा हरेक कर्म फल की अपेक्षा सामने रख कर ही कर्ता के भाव से होता है और यही हमारे दुखों का कारण है।

 The basic funda for corporate world is to plan a goal and try to achieve it. That is why maximum stress is seen in the people working in corporate sector. Financially they are very much sound at the cost of their mental peace.

After understanding the difference between needs and desires, let’s come back to the spirituality. Now if you are not convinced, unprepared or raw, no need to think spirituality right now. Till then, one must indulge in worldly pleasures…..wait….a stage will come when there will be a disillusion or total despair…. .Perhaps, that is the point where one can embark on inner journey. Fruit will fall naturally from the tree once it is ripe and not before that. This is the way, it should be.

Most people are not destined to become truly spiritual in this life time and there is no use in trying to force them to….they will just become more miserable. The one, who are destined for it, can be given hints (संकेत/इशारे) for inner journey.

The persons with real spiritual quest will have some spiritual questions in their mind.  Such as
-What is God?
-What is religion?
-What is life and its purpose?
-Why there is dukha (miseries/sorrows)?
-Who am I?

And these questions will arise out of deep curiosity not just simple inquiry or curiosity and the readymade answers given by the gurus, godmans or holy books will not satisfy their unquenching thirst.
They have to explore……then they experience…..when they experience, they know.
That’s the only way

ये गलत कहा किसी ने, कि तेरा पता ही नहीं है ,

तुझे ढूँढने की हद तक,कोई ढूँढता ही नहीं है।