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This is most dreaded word for any pregnant woman. The agony of losing unborn child is known to only whom who had undergone such incidence in their life. Due to changing life style and pollution incidence of abortion has risen to almost 40%. More than one abortion has become a common complain. When a woman suffers more than 2 abortions, a lot of investigations are done to find out the reason for repeated miscarriage. Mainly TORCH, Antiphospholipid antibody profile, hysteroscopy and karyotype of husband and wife are done to find out the reason. Sometimes high end investigation like FISH test and enzyme studies are done to assess reason of repeated abortions.
We have come across many incidences where in spite of all the reports within normal limits, lady suffers further miscarriage. That means all these above mentioned investigations though necessary but not enough to pick up the exact reason.

We have treated such patients with integrated approach. This has resulted in birth of bundle of joy without much costly medicines.

We had a many patients who had undergone 2-8 miscarriages, despite having all above said investigations and traditional treatment. Patients were neither suffering from any obvious illness nor had any vices. Couples ware treated with integrated approach. This helped in producing healthy ova and sperm thus in healthy fetus. Now they are proud parents and enjoying bliss of complete family