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  Adolescent sexuality

Adolescents are often sexually active,a reality that parents,doctors and adolescents them selves are not always comfortable addressing. Sexual behaviour does not start during adolescence or adulthood,but with childhood sexual curiosity and interest in one's body and the bodies of one's peers.Even very young adolescents are intersted in knowing how things work and are exposed to a wide range of sexual topics through friends,school and media.Although problems arise during adolescence from lack of information,more confusion and difficulties arise from inexperience with sexuality and lack of decision making skills.It is essential to understand sexuality during teenage period and to be familiar with ways to deal with teenager's questions,feelings and problems.

 Why adolescent sexuality is a concern?

  • There is opposing view of sexuality
  • There is body-mind gap
  • Lack of communication
  • Media
  • Peer pressure
  • Development stages
  • Lack of sex education