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  Ante Natal Classes

 In thses classes we provide complete information in simple language to the pregnant lady and her partner or accompanying mother/mother in law,about the following things

  1. Bodily changes occuring in 9 months
  2. Foetal development during 9 months
  3. Simple problems occuring due to hormonal changes and its non medical management like giddiness,nausea,vomiting,backache etc
  4. Do's and Don'ts during pregnancy
  5. Informing grave signals to see doctor urgently
  6. Diet planning for adequate weight gain and proper nourishment for healthy baby
  7. Antenatal exercises,yoga and pranayam
  8. Medications and vaccination during pregnancy
  9. Investigations-which,when and why? to be done during pregnancy
  10. Labour process and cesarean operation
  11. Tour of labour room and interaction with staff attending labour and delivery
  12. High risk pregnancy guidance eg diabetes,small baby(IUGR),decreased fluid,high blood pressure,birth defects,repeated miscarriages
  13. Post delivery -diet,weight loss,exercises,medicines and contraception
  14. Baby care-feeding,massage,vaccination and medication
  15. Helping in choosing right doctor and hospital for delivery