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Gone are the days where kids were taken as god’s blessings and women had to bear the fruits all her fertile life. We could not have one of the 7 wonders of world the TAJMAHAL, if contraception were known to Shahjahan and Mumtaj.

Today we have wide range of contraception available from simple barrier contraception for single use to intrauterine contraceptive devices which provides safety for 3-5 years, various oral contraceptive pills to provide safety emergency protection to give freedom to plan your pregnancy according to your convenience, daily pills to injections which give protection for 2 months even in the period immediately after delivery.

Selection of contraceptive device varies from person to person depending upon her fertility preference, medical history, family history and social status too. It has to be started after doctor’s consultation.

Major contraceptive methods being practiced today are-

  •   Barrier contraception-condom
  •   Oral contraceptive pills
  •   Intrauterine contraceptive device
  •   Injectible contraception
  •   Abstinence –simplest but most difficult to follow.
  •   MTP-medical termination of pregnancy

 This is the last resort taken to avoid pregnancy in case of contraception failure. In this age of fast life, it is taken as a quick fix method and people go on doing it many times just to avoid pregnancy. Unfortunately doctors too don’t educate their patients about contraception and keep on doing same procedure as it gives them quick money too. It should not be taken as family planning procedure as it is associated with lots of complication/side effects. On the safety score it stands last, still people are either ignorant or dare devils to take such risk with their health and lives. This needs mass education by government, schools and colleges and doctors so that teen pregnancy, pregnancy out of wedlock or unwanted pregnancies can be avoided.

With the advent of medicinal pills for emergency contraception and abortion, all the traditional methods of contraception have shifted to back foot. These medicines have heavy doses of hormones which effects uterus and ovaries thus rendering their said effects. They should be used sparingly and that too after seeking medical consultation. But now a day’s people are using them as one uses mouth freshener after meals. Even for taking abortion pills they buy without prescription as it is made available as OTC (over the counter) product. Easy availability of pregnancy test and abortion pills in the confines of bedroom has led youth to be more promiscuous. This just not jeopardizes their physical health by excessive bleeding, incomplete abortion, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease affecting their fertility in future, but affects them mentally and socially too.

 At the cost of innocent people’s lives these medicines are peddled by manufacturers, dealers and chemist just too earn quick bucks under cover of government permission in the holy name of population control. Even the chemist is selling it to customer at 400% profit so one can imagine how huge the profits could be to the makers by selling them in the country that holds one fifth population of earth.

 Besides government it is doctor’s responsibility to educate and advice their patients appropriate contraceptive method after delivery or MTP. Doctors should encourage their patients for using contraception. Their job does not end after doing the procedure. Few doctors feigns the professionalism and state that they are doing it for patients benefit because if they don’t do it then patients will go to some other doctor or quack and endanger her life. So by doing abortion safely they are serving mankind….something like that. But behind the veil of their professionalism the fear of losing money and patient is there, that they also know (and what’s the point in annoying the referring doctor). This is why they do MTP for anyone coming on their own or referred for abortion, for indications other than given under the MTP Law.