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It seems to be a simple word but it’s severity and dreadfulness can only be felt by the person who is suffering from it or whose close relative or friend has been affected by it .Everyone who is born ,definitly is going to die.....this universal fact is known to everyone .But the death happening due to cancer is very slow and painful ,so everyone wants to avoid it .

Now a day’s millions and billions of rupees are being spent on cancer treatment .Advanced radiotherapy ,chemotherapy and surgeries are being done still the incidences and death due to cancer  have increased in many folds in last 50 years .Newer vaccines are being developed for cancer prevention .Lot of tests  are done to detect precancerous lesion ( cancer in very beginning in primitive stages) .If we can spend  fraction of this amount to create health awareness and emphasize right healthy and balanced way of living and eating then we could have achieved much more success in cancer prevention.

Everybody is  aware of cancer but most of the people do not know the basic facts about this disease .Let us know about few basics of cancer and clear the doubts associated with it.

  1. What is cancer?
  2. Why cancer develops?
  3. Can hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus) assure cancer prevention?
  4. What is the accuracy of diagnostic tests done for cancer detection?
  5. Lots of promotion is being done for cancer vaccine.What is it and how effective they are for cancer prevention?
  6. Can healthy life style makes us cancer proof?