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  How to avoid cesarean

Everyone is scared of cesarean operation and they want normal delivery at any cost. Patient and her relatives demand ……”doctor…do whatever you can but we want only normal delivery. We don’t want to undergo cesarean operation.”
But the fact is ….actually this “whatever “they are demanding from doctor has to be done by the patient only with the help of her doctor.
Nowadays incidences of cesarean operations have increased and normal vaginal deliveries have reduced. Actually cesarean operation was invented to save mother or fetus’s lives in difficult situations, where normal delivery was not possible .Initially its incidence was limited to 20-25% of all the labor cases but now it has blown out of the proportion. According to people, commercialization of medical services, doctor’s greed for money and convenience factor is the root cause.
This is only one side of the coin. It takes two to make quarrel…..isn’t it? What is the factual reality...one must understand this.
With increasing use of machines in our daily life, our life has become sedentary and physical labor is eased off as every family, who can afford services of maid servant, has at least one such maid to do menial job of mopping and cleaning and washing etc.This has caused muscles to go weak and bones also have lost its strength too. That is why maid servant usually delivers normally and maalkin has to undergo cesarean operation.
Another culprit is food-which is adulterated, lacks nutrition, excessive use of junk foods and our changing life style which has affected our eating habits. All these have caused malnourishment and body has become weak and diseased. Mentally also the pregnant lady is unprepared as her mind is filled with the myths of labor pains and distrust on the doctor.
It is similar to the situation of a student who has not prepared well for exams and wishes to top the exam……is it possible?
Nature takes 9 months to create baby, then you also get more or less same time to prepare yourself physically and mentally to undergo labor process. The whole period of pregnancy and delivery can be turned into wonderful experience .With the experience of 20 years of obstetrics practice, we have started conducting Delivery Preparation Classes, through which we wish to share our knowledge with pregnant ladies. In these classes we educate the pregnant lady and her spouse/relatives all about the pregnancy period and delivery and after delivery baby care too, so that they are physically and mentally ready to undergo labor process without fear and undertake upcoming responsibility with full confidence. All this is done to ensure safe delivery and chances of normal delivery can be increased.