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  How to Choose Doctor/Hospital for Delivery

Guidelines for hospital selection for delivery/cesarean
1. Medical aspect
.Round the clock availability of qualified doctors (doctor should be either MD/MS/DGO)/qualified nurses.
.Visiting hours of doctor
.Delivery done by whom-doctor in charge, junior doctor, trainee doctor, nurses or Dai? (Our recommendation-under supervision of qualified doctor)
.Facility of intrapartum monitoring and done by whom?(our recommendation-under supervision of qualified doctor/paramedic)
.Facility of painless labor
.Labor room equipped for intrapartum monitoring, instrumental delivery and neonatal resuscitation
.Operation Theater equipped with monitoring and resuscitation facility besides regular instruments and equipments.
.In-house pathology lab and/or sonography machine would be better.
.Visiting or on call doctors of other faculties like pediatrician, physician, anaethetist etc.
.NICU availability in hospital premises or nearby center and its distance.
.Distance from nearest blood bank.
.ICU backup in hospital premises or tie up with tertiary centers and its distance from the hospital.
.Ambulance facility for transfer (if required)
2. General aspect
.Availability of general ward, private rooms and deluxe rooms
.Cleanliness of hospital premises and rooms
.Regular cleaning of room and toilets
.Parking facility
.Visiting hours
.Power back up facility
.In-house canteen, cleanliness and quality of food, cost of food items
.Food provision for patient from hospital canteen inclusive or not
.Courteous behavior of hospital staff
.Reputation of hospital and its staff and doctors
.Experience of patients delivered in past in that hospital
3. Location and accessibility
.Distance from your home
.Access routes and traffic conditions on them
.Hospital exterior and surrounding area-good locality
4. Billing aspect
.Hospital’s average bill for normal delivery/cesarean
.Insurance covered or not
.Hospital rules for admission deposit on elective/emergency conditions
.Transparency of billing procedures
.Hidden costs which were not mentioned at time of admission
.Check reputation of the hospital regarding billing aspect
Once you get recommendation for any hospital by any family physician or other patient who had delivered in that hospital, it’s better to go and check yourself on the above mentioned lines before making up your mind blindly. Sometimes some doctor’s recommendation may be motivated but usually patient’s recommendation is more reliable. Go by your own judgment.

Guidelines for choosing doctor
.Medical qualification of doctor and doctor’s experience of obstetric practice

.Gender of the doctor -male or female-choice depends upon your conditioning and comfort zone. We can only suggest regarding it-give more importance to the content not to the container.
.Nature of doctor-cool composed, caring, comforting and compassionate or edgy, bossy, pushy or arrogant.
(Best criteria is……..just seeing/listening to your doctor relieves you of your 50% problems …..Or….. it scares you and gives you goose bumps?)
.Way of patient handling during ante natal visit-whether patient has undergone detailed history taking, thorough general and systemic examination during first visit and regular weight,BPcheck up and abdominal growth assessment along with fetal heart auscultation in each visit.
.Patient handling by giving individual patient minimum 5-10 minutes exclusively with privacy for thorough examination and advice …or….doctor is busy seeing 3-5 patients at a time due to patients crowd in OPD and has no time for listening/answering your complaints and writing medicines without even proper examination.
.Doctor’s attitude towards patients complaints-whether complaints are heard patiently and given logical solution or given deaf ear/mocked off
.Advice for pathological investigations and USG during pregnancy and explanation for them
.Advice regarding medication, diet, do’s and don’ts, exercises and yoga/pranayam during pregnancy.
.Whether husband is involved during ante-natal checkups and informed about well being of his spouse and unborn child or he is mere chaperone of his pregnant wife during hospital visit.
.Availability in emergency hours
.Doctor’s availability during intrapartum period
.Delivery conducted or supervised by doctor or left to other hospital staff and comes for cesarean only
.Post delivery/cesarean monitoring and follow up by doctor

We Indians have a psychology of crowd mentality-where ever they see crowd, they go and join them to just become another number. Don’t  just become a number in crowd, find out a place where you will get individualized space and importance.