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What happens during labour?

No one will tell you that giving birth is easy,but if you know what to expect,you are much less likely to panic and more likely to feel confident about any choices you are asked to make.

Labour is commonly divided into three stages

In the First Stage, you will experience shorter,less painful contractions as your cervix begines to dilate and thin out(called effacement of cervix).Later in first stage ,your contractions will be more frequent and painful till your cervix is fully dilated.

 The Second Stage involves actually delivering your baby(which is shown in moovies with all puffing and panting and sweating) which needs more mental strength to push down harder with each contraction to help out baby coming in this world safely.

Third Stage refers to the delivery of the placenta.Actually it is not a painful process but one has to be very cautious specially doctors and paramedics to avoid complications like PPH.

    Most women are scared of pain of labour more than they dread the series of sleepless nights that will follow with the baby.Every woman experiences pain during labour differently and it is very difficult to describe the pain of contractions.In early labour they can be felt like menstrual cramos or can be confined to your back and feel like low back ache.Some describes them as waves of tightening of the stomach and accompanying discomfort.You can see  and feel your stomach hardens with the contractions.You can't control your contractions,but your state of mind greatly affect the amount of pain you feel.If you are hospital birth,you should thoroughly discuss your pain relief options in advance when you choose your hospital.There is nothing wrong in asking for pain relief if you want it.It is important to know what all the options are and to be fully aware of the implications that your choice will have.

   Labour is usually longest with the first child,lasting for 12-14 hours in most of the cases.Typically if you have light contractions,your labour will be longer.