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It is excessive discharge from vagina causing discomfort to the sufferer.

It can be of 2 types




Excessive vaginal discharge occuring due to hormonal changes during different phases of menstrual cycle.It is more common during ovulatory phase and premenstrual period and usually dischare is clear thin mucus like disharge like that of running nose. It is non irritant and does not cause urinary symptom or back ache or pelvic pain. During adolescent period and about menopause some females may experience such discharge.

It does not require medical management but more emphasis has to be given on personal hygiene and use of cotton underwear and at times panty liners can take care of the situation.


Any vaginal discharge which is having yellow/greenish yellow/curdy white colour,frothy,foul smelling,causing pelvic pain/congestion or backache,burning micturition,local ithching and buring sensation is pathological and it should be treated as soon as possible.Other than precautions mentioned earlier,doctor should be consulted and appropriate treatment should be taken at earliest.Ignoring the symptoms and avoiding medical advice can lead to chronic pelvic infection which could lead to menstrual problems,abortion,infertility or ectopic pregnancy in future.