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This is very important alarming, warning and turning point in a woman’s life where she is relieved of tension of fertility (if she has not undergone tubal ligation) and monthly blood loss but at the same time it announces the aging process of the body. For few ladies it is very troubled period and in few it comes very quietly.

 Ladies who are aware of their beauty, they spend a lot on age defying beauty  products  and on parlors to look young .Beauty parlors and spa’s have more number of clients from such middle aged ladies .It is like painting a depilated building to make it look new without noticing and taking care of cracks on wall .If the cracks are not taken care of in time,then eventually the wall will collapse some day or other and reveal the actual condition of building .Actually even  a fraction of such crowd does not reach to the doctor’s clinic for taking care of body structure and it’s organs wear and tear .Yes they do rush to doctor when there are some physical problems, not before that.

Menopause is not just last bell announcing end of reproductive function, it is major endocrine change due to lack of estrogen hormone which affect the lady mentally and physically .It is actually a disease caused by endocrine imbalance like diabetes which occurs due to lack of insulin hormone secretion from pancreas and like hypothyroid state which happens due to less secretion of thyroxin from thyroid gland .In similar way when follicles in ovaries are finished then estrogen hormone formation stops in ovary and its level fall in blood .This causes menses to stop as endometrial lining of uterus shrinks away .This fall in hormones effects skin which looses it’s elasticity and gets wrinkled.   Details....