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Prolapse of uterus means descent of uterus from its natural position.

It has 3 grades

Grade 1-very common in parous women who have undergone normal vaginal delivery and due to aging.

Grade 2-this causes discomfort to patient and affectes patients bladder and bowel movements at times too.It occurs due to wrong delivery techniques and malnutrition of the patient causing pelvic floor muscle sagging and displacement of uterus upto to opening of vaginal canal.This condition is usually associated with excessive vaginal discharge and backache.

Grade 3- in this condition cervix projects through the vaginal opening(introitus) and at times whole uterus hangs down out of vaginal canal,this condition is called procedentia.It is commonly seen in old multiparous ladies and always associated with urinary retention/leaks or SUI ,irregular bowel habits and continuous dragging pain and backache.