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  Reasons for cesarean

Let us now understand some of the reasons for which cesarean birth may occur.

Dystocia(difficult or abnormal labour pattern)

The causes of dystocia are many but basically the end result is that labour fails to progress,is prolonged excessively or gets arrested.

Your doctor may try measures like augmenting contractions with medicines or rupturing amniotic sac to improve labour pattern.If these measures fails,cesarean section may be the only option left for the doctor to deliver the baby.

Foetal distress

The baby may not be tolerating the forces of labour well,and may show problems like irregularity or slowing of heart beats.Some times greenish discolouration of amniotic fluid(passage of meconium or foetal stool in utero) may be sign of foetal distress.If vaginal delivery can not be completed quickely,a cesarean may be the best way to save your baby.


Unfavourable positions of the foetus in utero can make vaginal delivery difficult,dangerous or impossible.These include

  • Transverse lie
  • Shoulder presentation
  • Oblique lie
  • Breech presentation(buttock first)
  • Persistent occipito posterior
  • Face presentation
  • Brow presentation
  • Compound presentation
  • Cord prolapse

 Maternal conditions which require cesarean are

  • Stenosed cervix
  • Thick cervix which does not open up
  • Previous pelvic repair of a urinary or rectal fistula
  • Active herpes lesion of the genital tract
  • Maternal medical condition eg
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension
  • Maternal diabetes
  •  Severe asthama
  •  Certain cardiac diseases