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  P C O (Poly Cystic Overy)

It is one of the commonest condition affecting young women today.Due to stressfull lifestyle,changing food habits and increasing obesity in teens this condition is on rise.

  Every month the ovary produces and releases one egg which is responsible for pregnancy/regular menstrual cycle.In the polycystic ovary the follicle that contains egg does not mature and hence egg is not released from the ovary.Instead the follicles accumulate as cysts in ovary.Thus the term polycystic ovary is given for such condition.These collecting cysts in ovaries lead to hormonal changes in woman's body and may also be the cause of infertility.

We provide

  • Comprehensive treatment for PCO including fertility treatment
  • Explain in detail and in simple language how PCO affect your hormones,your metabolism and your fertility
  • Diet modification to help weight management and hormonal imbalance
  • Integrated approach in detoxfying body to regain hormonal imbalance
  • Manage weight,acne and hirsuitism
  • Help to prevent long term complication like diabetes and hypertension.